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... the jazzrock / fusion band „WORKSHOP“ ( later “WORK,SHOP&MORE” ) was founded in 1997 as a quintet with two keyboard players. The fifth member of the present rhythm section was a piano player, composer and arranger Kryštof Marek. The band’s first recording was released in 1998. The same year the band appeared in some TV shows. After Kryštof Marek left, the band decided to enrich the sound with a brass section ( two trumpets & tenor/soprano saxophone). At the moment the band is performing with 8-9 musicians. They play at festivals, clubs and perform their own shows around the country. Beside the original tunes the band is presenting some new own fusion cover versions of the well known jazz tunes composed by Miles Davis, Marcus Miller, Ch. Parker, John Scofield, Mike Mainieri, Hiram Bullock and others.At the end of 2002 they released the last album of the band, recorded live in Prague during one of the club gigs.For the last couple of years, the band performed this show at many jazz festivals and concerts in search of new audience.The world renowned guitar player and singer Hiram Bullock joins the band in 2006. Besides the concert tours, in September 2007 he wrote the lyrics and recorded the band’s latest single called ”Just A Hope”. Additional players join the band during some concerts. With three trumpets and a percussion player the sound becomes even more colourful….

In July 2011 the new CD "Many Faces" was released. It features the very last recordings of Hiram Bullock "Just a hope" and "Once U'll understand...", and an American singer and lyric writer Freda A. Goodlett (Funky Brotherhood). Moreover, this CD presents the famous American guitarist Frank Gambale (Chick Corea electric band). Along with these great artists, the project includes samples, loops, scratches technology (DJ Ollgoy & Dj Mersi) and introduces the rapper Antwi.
Following the release of the new CD, the „Many Faces“ tour is being planned for early 2012.The band will be joined by singer Freda Goodlett (South Carolina, USA) and DJ’s Ollgoy & Mersi.

Member´s music biography


  Lev Rybalkin - keyboards
Studied at the Academy of Music in St.Petersburg. After having moved to Prague in 1975, he became one of the most demanded keyboard players, music producers and arrangers. He spent a couple of years in the U.S., where he provided many Broadway productions and shows with R. Orbison, The Platters and Beverly Reed. He went on tour with well known performers such as Paul Jones (Manfred Mann) and Tony Sheridan. Back home he was a member of Luboš Andršt Blues Band and No Guitars project. In 1990-1991 he took part in the world tour with Marta Kubišová. He played with many top stars in the Czech Republic - M.Rottrová, V.Martinová, J.Zelenková. For the past two years, he invited the renowned world guitar player and singer Hiram Bullock for concert tours with the band „Work,Shop&More“. In 2007 he produced a band’s single in cooperation with Hiram Bullock, who not only performed but also wrote lyrics for a song. From 2005 he participates in the World music projects in Switzerland - Emashie, Lariba and Jamaican bass player Leon Duncan with his band C-Breeze. He also composed, arranged and recorded some songs for the Swiss lounge-chillout project called Sitnlisten. For the past five years he is the assistant to the promoter of Karlovy Vary Jazz Festival, presenting performers such as Julio Barreto, George Mraz, Doug Hammond, Hiram Bullock, Victor Wooten, Regi Wooten, Frank Gambale, Alain Caron, Otmar Ruis, Gino Sitson, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez and many others. He is involved in studio work and promotion.

  Mirek Linka - quitar
After absolving the Prague Conservatory, he devoted himself to modern classical music Agon.Member of many jazz formations such as Jacose Jazz, Vibe Fantasy, Kontraband and Katchatawa. Providing the shows of Elena Suchankova and Irena Budweiserova. In 1997 he was one of the founding members of Work,Shop&More project. At the same time he composes, arranges and teaches music.

  František Raba - bass
Studied doublebass in the class of Professor Václav Fuka. Used to be a member of Prague Symphonic Orchestra, Radio Symphonic Orchestra, Radio Dance Orchestra, Big Band of Karel Vlach, Golem, Nerez, Caribe Jazz Quintet, Karel Gott Band. He also provided some soloists like Bobby Shew, Barbara Montgomery, Rudolf Rokl, Peter Cardarelli, Dodo Šošoka, Benny Bailey,James Morisson, Ivan Král, Radim Hladik. He was involved in musicals Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Cats. Recorded the music for musicals Pomada, Cleopatra,The rebels… He is the founding member of the formation Work,Shop&More. In 1998 he founded with Z. Navarova the band called KOA. Another of his projects is Camael, playing World music all around Europe. He cooperates with Czech clarinet quartet and Škampovo quartet. He produced the CD’s of Z. Navarova, J. Zelenkova, Raduza, KOA and Camael. Together with Lev Rybalkin, he produced the CD of Work,Shop&More.

  František Hönig - drums
A student of Professor Miroslav Kympl in drums class and he also studied piano and harp. With some coming gigs, he became a member of rock bands New Rose, Delirium Tremens. During the years 1990-1992 played with the Prague Selection, where was on stage with Frank Zappa. Played with No Guitars project, was involved in musicals Jesus Christ Superstar and Evita. He was involved in studio recoding for Ivan Král, Radim Hladik and many others in different music style rock legends such as Ian Gillan (DeepPurple) and others. As a guest he appears with Radio Bigband. In 1999 he published his first drumming school in Czech Republic. For the last 10 years he is the  main representative of the Sonor drums in Czech Republic.

  Milan Krajíc - tenor, soprano saxophone
Basic members of M.Svoboda Kontraband. Played with Czech Radio bigband,Šavle Meče, James Moody bigband,Tony Lakatos,Doug Hammond, Pedro Mendoza. Appears with Prague bigband, M.Svoboda quintet, www.band.cz, Rudolfinum Jazz orchestra.He was involved in the musicals Hair and Rusalka. Played on many jazz festivals around Europe and in Mexico. For the last six years he is the president of the Karlsbad Jazz Festival. From 2001 he became a member of the band Work,Shop&More and recorded with them the second album. During 2006-2007 was on tour with world known guitar player and the singer Hiram Bullock. In November 2007 as a member of the brass section called „The Czech horns“, he took p art in the latest Hiram Bullock’s live record with his band in Aalen (Germany). At the same time he is teaching music.

  Míra Hloucal – trupmet
Currently student at the Jazz College of Jaroslav Ježek. At the same time he is a member of many different bands and styles. In small formations he plays with Infinite Quintet, Points, Lanugo, Bucinatores, Peter Zelenka trio. He is also a member of the Gustav Brom Orchestra, Veleband, Prague Big Band. He played at the jazz festivals Jazz Goes To Town, Jazz On The Street, Jazz On the Castle, Pflasterspektakel (Austria) and Afjon (Turkey).Was on stage with Doug Wimbish (USA). In 2007 he toured with Work,Shop&More joined by Hiram Bullock. In November 2007 as a member of the brass section called ”The Czech horns”, he recorded the latest Hiram Bullock’s live CD in Aalen (Germany) with his band.

  Jan Šatra - trombone
He studied piano at the music school. From 1986 he changed piano for the trombone and graduated in 2000 at the Prague Conservatory of Jaroslav Ježek. Was a founding member of the band called Šum Svistu – the 1993 Grammy Award winner. In 1999 became a member of the formation Laura a její Tygři. Appears with the bands Czech Big Company, Yo Yo Band, Blues Wave, Mačetas Espadas and Second Band. With the band Pajky Pajk he provided many TV shows such as Super Star, Bajlando, Star Dance. Beside these shows he is teaching music and doing a lot of studio recordings. In 2007 he was touring with Work,Shop&More and Hiram Bullock (guitar player and a singer). As a member of the brass section “The Czech horns” he recorded Hiram Bullock’s latest live CD with his band in Aalen (Germany).

  Hiram Bullock
Special guest of the band.
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  Freda Goodlett
Special guest of the band.
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Additional players:

Štěpán Markovič – tenor saxophone
A student of Karel Velebny. He is a member of Jazz Radio Orchestra, ESP jazz Band and many other jazz formations. He toured abroad with Ray Charles Orchestra, the Big Band backing Liza Minelli and many small jazz formations all around Europe. Besides touring he is a professor of the jazz class at the Prague Conservatory of Jaroslav Ježek, teaching many young musicians.

Václav Týfa – trumpet
He is the most demanded lead trumpet player in Czech Republic, appearing with Karel Vlach Orchestra, Golem, Dance Radio Orchestra, Karel Gott Band and many other bands.

Camillo Caller – percussion
A student of professor Vesely and professor Adamec in the drums class at Prague Conservatory. During the studies, he absolved a concert tour with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, recorded a CD with Prague Symphonic Orchestra – FOK. He was a member of the show bands called Šum svistu and Laura a její tygři for a couple of years. Provided the shows of the top singers in the land – Iveta Bartošová and Leona Machalková. At the moment he is a member of the World music project called KOA

DJ Ollgoy (Tawatt DJ's)

DJ Mersi

Rapper Antwi (Notes from Prague)